Cross-country ski rental in Leutasch Rental, depot, cross-country ski service, assembly + repairs

We offer a great selection for children from shoe size 25 and up. Adults can find the right equipment up to shoe size 50. We will advise you in detail and of course you can also test models with us. Reservations are not necessary. Our rental skis are always perfectly prepared. We have cross-country skis and boots from the brands Atomic, Fischer, Madshus, Salomon and ... in stock and skis and boots with both SNS and NNN binding systems. We offer both waxless skis (with scales) and skin skis in the classic skiing category.

Cross-country ski equipment from beginner to pro

Our rental service is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. It is also possible to return the equipment the following day by 9 a.m. without an additional charge for the day.

The equipment is not insured against damage, loss or theft! In the event of such a case, a deductible must be paid.

Free storage + shoe dryer

In our spacious storage facility, all our guests can securely store their equipment for free and use the shoe dryer to keep their footwear dry. Because what could be more convenient than parking with us for free in the morning, slipping into warm shoes, locking your valuables in the lockers and stepping onto the trail just across the street? After your enjoyment, you can change with us and leave everything behind until the next day. Likewise, it is also possible to take the equipment with you to your accommodation for the duration of your holiday.

  • Waxing
  • Special cross-country ski structure grinding
  • Base service

If you encounter any issues with your equipment, we strive to get you back on the snow with pleasure. Our well-equipped workshop likely has your replacement part and we can also assemble your new equipment.

In our small yet excellent cross-country ski shop, you will find not only cross-country clothing but also gloves, hats, googles, waxing accessories and much more …

Prices cross-country ski rental: classic

Cross-country skiing classic for adults: complete equipment (waxless skis, boots, poles)
1 day€ 15,-
2 day€ 29,-
3 day€ 43,-
4 day€ 57,-
5 day€ 71,-
6 day€ 85,-
From 7 days€ +10,- per day
Waxless skis€ 11,-
Skin skis€ 15,-
Top ski (Skin)€ 20,-
Boots€ 6,-
Poles€ 3,-


Cross-country skiing classic for children: complete equipment (skis, boots, poles)
1 day€ 11,-
2 day€ 21,-
3 day€ 31,-
4 day€ 41,-
5 day€ 51,-
6 day€ 61,-
from 7 days€ +8,- per day
Waxless skis€ 8,-
Skin skis / Top skis€ 12,-
Poles€ 3,-


Prices cross-country ski rental: skating

Cross-country skiing skating for adults: complete equipment (skis, boots, poles)
1 day€ 20,-
2 day€ 39,-
3 day€ 58,-
4 day€ 77,-
5 day€ 96,-
6 day€ 115,-
From 7 days€ +16,- per day
Skis€ 16,-
Top skis€ 25,-
Boots€ 9,-
Poles€ 5,-


Cross-country skiing skating for children: complete equipment (skis, boots, poles)
1 day€ 16,-
2 day€ 31,-
3 day€ 46,-
4 day€ 61,-
5 day€ 76,-
6 day€ 91,-
From 7 days€ +13,- per day
Skis€ 13,-
Boots€ 6,-
Poles€ 3,-


Various sports equipment for rent

Price per day and sports equipment
Child trailer (for 1 child or for 2 children), price cheaper for several days€ 20,-
Child carrier€ 8,-
Toboggan, bobsleigh, Zipfelbob, racebob€ 5,-


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